Dr Intili continues to change my life. One of the reasons for my initial visit was because I was not able to see my golfball travel in the air any longer. My 2nd eye was fixed in December and I just played my 1st rounder golf since and I was very curious to see how I would be able to follow my ball in the air. I saw every single shot leave my club and down the fairways I saw where they landed and I saw them on greens and it is it was a total game changer. I am still amazed by seeing something new and different every day. She is truly my angel and I will be grateful forever.

From my 1st phone call to my 1st cataract surgery words can not describe the care , the service and entire experience. Dr. Intili is my new hero and has changed my life in a few short weeks. 2nd eye gets fixed in 3 weeks.. Eternally grateful
– David

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